Contact us at sav electrical & security systems, for a System design and quotation.

At sav electrical we can supply high quality affordable equipment to suit your premises. From hard wired shock sensors and contacts on windows and doors, to infrared and microwave motion detection technology. Or even combine smoke detection to your home security. We can provide all of these in a wireless format, or even combine both wire free and hard wired technologies, depending on how you want your system to be.

All sav electrical & security systems installation’s are installed to ISEN 501-31, this being the National and European Standard regulating the installation and maintenance of intruder Alarm Systems.

This means that you are guaranteed a level of service most alarm installers cannot offer. First our installation must adhere to a rigorous set of guidelines. On top of this, your system must be serviced biannually, to ensure it continues to operate at its optimum performance.

Being a fully certified company means all our systems can provide the ability to externally monitor their status. This means that in the event of an activation the alarm will notify A monitoring station via your telephone connection who will then swiftly contact the Gardai.
Alternately we can include within our systems the ability to contact our customers directly. So when an alarm activation occurs your system dials four predetermined numbers, informing them of the activation, or send’s a sms text message to up to 100 phone number’s of your choice. If you simply want a system with only alarm bells, and live in a more rural area we can then fit a high power siren to your premises, which can be heard over a considerable distance.
We at sav electrical &security systems are sure that we can tailor a system to your needs, and your pocket. For further details don't hesitate to contact us.